关于用益(About Use)



Use, a leading provider of information and data on trust and asset management industry in china, was founded in August 2003. It provides high standard valuable services to relevant sectors and HNWIs (High net worth people) by integrating information, expertise, opinions  and online to offline ( O2O ) in one service system.


Nanchang Use Investment And Financial Consultants Co., Ltd. (Nanchang Use) is a research and consulting service organization invested and registered by start-up staffs in Nanchang in July 2008, which specializes in financial and wealth management of high-end individuals in research and advisory services. Shanghai Use Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. registered in Shanghai Free Trade Zone is a wholly owned subsidiary established by Nanchang Use in October 2014.








At present, Use owns the following brands and agencies:

Industry portal website: Usetrust (http://www.usetrust.com; http://www.yanglee.com)

The high-end financial website: Usewealth (http://www.usewealth.com)

WeChat public number: usetrust, usefinance, trustforward

WeChat service number: use wealth

Research Institution: Use Finance & Trust Research Institute

Wealth management: Use Financial Management Studio

企业文化(Corporate Culture)







用益品牌诠释:“用益”取自英文“use”,也称为“尤斯”,即使用、利用的意思,它源于英国13世纪后出现的一种土地利用方 式,根据“用益制度”,土地所有者将土地转移给另一个人所有,但土地的收益归第三人所有。用益制度被普遍认为是现代信托制度的雏形。借此名称,用益人希望 用自身的专业和真诚为社会提供信托咨询及其理财服务,使人人都了解信托,知道如何在财富管理中运“用”信托,并从中受“益”。

Corporate Culture

Corporate missionachieve your financial dream

Corporate visiona leader in wealth management; a force that affects

Wealth-core values: loyalty, precision, responsibility, sharing

Core competenciesbrand, talent, focus, learning

Enterprise spirit: Self-Discipline and Social Commitment, Dusing channel unremitting self-improvement

Brand interpretation: ‘"YongYi(用益)" is taken from the English word "use", which is pronounced as "You Si(尤斯)" in Chinese means to utilize and take advantage of something. It originated from a kind of land use pattern appearing in The United Kingdom after the 13th century. According to the "usufruct system", the landowner transfers the land to another person, but the proceeds of the land belong to the third party. The system of usufruct is considered to be the prototype of the modern trust system. With this name, Usetrustor hopes to provide the society with trust advice and financial services with their professionalism and sincerity so that everyone will understand the trust and know how to use the trust in wealth management and benefit from it.



Usetrust (www.usetrust.com/www.yanglee.comwas established in August 2003. The site dedicates to promoting and disseminating the trust knowledge and wealth management concepts in China since its establishment. It providing timely and comprehensive products, in-depth market analysis and professional industry reports. With the development and growth of China's trust industry, Usetrust has gradually grown into the first portal site for China's trust industry. As HNWIs increasingly favor trust wealth management tools in China, asset allocation and wealth management have been described as an important part of the financial plan for the middle-class families in the future. In order to meet the needs of development, Usetrust is also constantly adjusting improve its content from the initial development of the trust industry to assets, funds, insurance and other related fields. 



Usewealth (www.usewealth.comis a website of Use on asset allocation and product optimization for HNWIs. The site formerly known as Usetrust's product information and financial services channel developed. At present, the website provides products, including trusts, asset management, private equity funds and limited partnerships, etc. At the same time, the website also provides product release information distribution and professional assessment services. In the future, Usewealth will shift its direction to the asset allocation platform, making it the preferred platform for wealth management.



Use Finance & Trust Research Institute is an industry research institution which was Use Trust Studio established in 2004 by Usetrust. As a well-known domestic and international industry research institute, Use Finance & Trust Research Institute adheres to the style of 'professionalism, responsibility and diligence", and always stands at the forefront of the industry. It accurately grasps the market trend and pulse; simultaneously with providing a comprehensive market information and independent professional objective analysis and comments timely to its customers. 



Use Financial Management Studio is a professional consultancy of Use for the asset allocation and wealth management of HNWIs all over the world. Relying on the authority, independence, objectivity and professionalism of the Institute for Use Finance & Trust Research Institute, Use Financial Management Studio is committed to providing personalized one-on-one asset allocation and investment advisory services to its high-end clients. Clients can obtain the most out of risks and benefits Good balance, so that the client's assets on the basis of a safe and profitable, wealthy wealth of products amoy gold. Customers can get the best balance between risk and return, so that the client's assets on a safe and stable profit-making.


微信服务号(Wechat Service Platform)



It provides the information with most investment value about trust and other asset manaagement products for HNWIs. 

微信公众号(Wechat Public Platform)



It provides the most valuable information and views of hot issues about trust, mainly for people in trust and relevant industries and investors.



It provides the most useful trust financing information and investing tips for trust investors and other clients.




It proviedes the latest information of trust and asset management research for trust industry and  professionals and practitioners from other wealth management industries.

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